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Packing of Household Furniture

You can rest assured that your possessions are well protected using our wide variety of packaging. We can pack in all weights and dimensions, always applying the delicate care that such work requires to ensure our the results that both you and we expect.

Let us introduce the materials and types of packing that we use, all recommended and selected according to the particular type of object to be packed. See More


We are proud of great experience in packing haevy machinery over 20 tons.
Types of Load Among our services we also have a load area for:

LIFT VAN AIR OR MARINE. – Wooden Triplay Boxes.
FABRICATION OF PALLETS - All sizes and types of merchandise. See More


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For over twenty one years, S.E.E.T.A. has been providing its customers with exceptional performance and customer service. With an experienced staff and highly trained personnel, S.E.E.T.A. is well recognized for its high standard of service. See More



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